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  • Norm EN 12546 1 or EN 12546 2: The product is compliant with the corresponding European standard (or Norm), which governs the performance and functionality of thermal insulating products.

    Food safe: An object's suitability for food contact means that the material it is made from meets the regulatory requirements or applicable standards guaranteeing that there is no risk of this object causing toxicity to food or drinks (if it is used under normal conditions: do not overheat, or place next to toxic products etc.).

    Compatible with dishwashers

    Compatible with microwaves

  • Inside : After using your vacuum ware, rinse it in hot water. If resistant deposits persist, they can be cleaned with bicarbonate of soda or dishwasher powder. Fill the product with hot water and add a dessertspoon of bicarbonate of soda or powder from the dishwasher. After about an hour, put on the cap and shake the container well, then thoroughly rinse it in clear water.

    Outside : The outside surface can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. The stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned with a special stainless steel cleaning product.

    Please do not use abrasives, bleaches or solvents.

    Do not immerse your product in water, or put it in dishwasher, unless it is mentioned above that it is compatible with dishwashers.

  • The two containers both have an air vacuum (between the two stainless steel walls or between the two glass walls), providing insulation and maintaining the desired temperature for as long as possible.

    A stainless steel container is more robust and even unbreakable, while a glass container will be more effective but also more fragile.

  • It is possible and preferable to put hot water in your container and the infant formula in a powdered form in a separate container (a measuring glass designed for this purpose or directly in the feeding bottle) and then mix the milk just before drinking. In this way you retain all the nutritional qualities.

    We do not advise the use of thermal-insulating bottles for keeping milk products. Thermal insulating containers keep the milk at temperatures, which encourage the development of bacteria

  • Preheating or cooling the container before its use by filling it with hot or cold water, will help keep the contents at the desired temperature as long as possible. To maintain the ideal temperature as long as possible, the container must be filled and covered immediately. The less it is opened, the more the inner temperature will be maintained.
  • The performance of your flask can be checked by filling it will boiling water then checking after 12 hours or more, depending to the instructions on the packaging, to see if the water is still hot.

    We recommend that you do this test before its first use, so that you can take it back to the shop if it doesn't work.

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