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Our professional team of experts with over 5 years in China market of combined experience ensures that our customer’s needs are fulfilled and professionally managed. As our customer’s front-line team, our teams dedicate their resources to help achieve our customer’s goals in a timely and cost effective manner.

At MEGO’s family, we strongly believe communication and cooperation are the keys to providing exceptional client satisfaction. We understand our customer’s needs and work with our owned factory to deliver exceptional results through constant effective communications and leveraging off our existing network and relationships with our material suppliers.

Our team consists of subject matter experts in sourcing, shipping, quality control, production and relationship management. We work to our strengths and each member of the team is dedicated and passionate about his or her roles. Our passion is providing an outstanding customer experience by delivering on our promises.

MEGO professional service provide

● From clients needs to shipping

● Product design to manufacturing

● Material sourcing and development

● Quality Control during production flow

● Warehouse for mixture flows of logistics

● Finance arrangement

● Inspection report by third party

"PROVIDE satisfaction and reliable service"