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    The leading plastic product Manufacturer for Houseware,Festivals Decoration and Promotion.MEGO is the specialist when it comes to houseware. Manufacturer : having developed and manufactured houseware for over 5 years, MEGO has built up an enormous amount of know-how in China.MEGO develops and manufactures smart products for storing and transporting food and drinks so they can be consumed at any time in any place. Our own manufacturing facilities, know-how, service, flexibility and product development have all contributed to our success and are the reason why MEGO is today's market leader in Europe and America.Quality remains a "top on the list" priority in MEGO. Having implemented specific quality assurance systems within our houseware production, our consumers are guaranteed to have many years of satisfaction from the usage of our products. To this end, each and every MEGO product is individually tested on its heat retention. Our full range complies with the EU/US all requirements for food safety and moreover MEGO has completed pass the social audit BSCI and WCA certification accordingly

    Mego Home  Love espresso Cup pair

    ■ size
    Cup:diameter 6.5×H5cm(50 ml)
    Sosa:dia. 12×H1.8cm

    ■ material:porcelain,AS resin

    ■ country of origin:made in China

    ■ dishwasher washing machine OK

    ■ microwave oven OK

    Mego Home  citrus juicer yellow


    material:as resin

    country of origin:made in China

    dishwasher washing machine OK

    Mego Home Art & Cafe espresso makers 1 cup yellow

    ■ size:6.5mm diameter × H15.5cm

    ■ material:aluminium,polyamide plastic

    ■ country of origin:made in China

    Mego Home Art & Cafe Thermo jug 750 ml red

    ■ size:18×25mm×H21.3cm

    ■ capacity:750ml

    ■ material:acid of boresilicate SAN, PMMA, AS resin, polypropylene,rubber

    ■ country of origin:made in China

    Mego Home  bred win green

    ■ size:41×24.5×H17.5cm

    ■ material:ABS plastic,polypropylene

    ■ country of origin:made in China

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